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Export Industry Business

While imported goods are hot commodities, the Philippines has also risen as an export leader in various products. In fact, some Philippine brands have become extremely popular and sought after in International markets. An example of this is San Miguel.

The Philippines exports raw materials like sugar, coconut oil, etc. but also exports processed products like handicrafts, food, beverages, and computer accessories.

Food Manufacturing

The food industry is a vast one. There are major factories in the Philippines that are involved in the distribution and manufacturing of basic food products like biscuits, milk, sauces, beer, and seasoning. Then, there are the herbal teas that laud many medical benefits.

Buying and Selling in the Philippines

From Big Sellers to Sole Proprietors on Classifieds Sites

Everybody in the Philippines is eager to do business, and this is apparent from the boom of online marketplaces and classifieds sites, like Multiply.com, Philippine Free Classifieds, and OLX Philippines.

Leveraging Facebook for Selling

The Facebook is also a widely-used platform for indie shops who sell anything from dresses to handmade baked goodies to organic food products. Because of its viral capabilities, many stores create an online presence on Facebook to help them spread the word about their product line. Likewise, buyers also enjoy this platform because they are able to conveniently shop using their Facebook accounts.

Many are constantly signed on to their Facebook so pushing products to them via updates is quick, easy, and effective. So much so that even large manufacturing companies have gone into it as well, like Oishi, Coca Cola, Mama Sita's Instant Mixes and Sauces, Universal Robina Products, Nescafe, etc.

Cooking 101

The art and hobby of cooking has taken the Philippines by storm! For the past years, the gourmet food revolution has been evolving in the country, but it was really the Junior Master Chef that inspired many "ordinary people" to take on the task of combining flavors together and crafting great dishes. Social media is constantly bombarded with people proudly showcasing their culinary masterpiece, and recipes pop up here and there, like Filipino recipe site, Yummy.PH. There is also a multitude of cooking and recipe contests taking place in the Philippines.

Are you interested in becoming a distributor or reseller of popular food and beverage as well as other products from the Philippines? Filipinos are fast becoming global citizens. Filipino communities are rapidly growing in all parts of the world and Filipinos are known for their "love your own" mentality when it comes to food.

Food Photography

If cooking took the country by storm, then food photography has grabbed our country by the jugular and choked it. Chefs and foodies LOVE taking photos of food. In fact, it seems that taking a photo of the food you eat is a strict prerequisite to eating! Log on to Instagram and be prepared for an avalanche of these food photos. And then there are the food blogs popping up here and there, with the likes of The Pickiest Eater and the ever famous, Our Awesome Planet

The Right Photography Gadgets

If you're going to take pictures of food, might as well do it right and do it professional! There are a lot of cameras and gadgets to give you that perfect snapshot, and as expected, Filipinos are really rushing to get their hands on them. Sites like Top100.PH allow you to view prices of gadgets and Philippine stores that sell them.

Joining Photography Contests

There are a lot of photography contests out there for a free camera, cash prizes, prestige, or a combination of all three! Be sure to scour sites for such opportunities. You can check out AllPromos.PH in the Philippines.

Philippine Food Products Showcase

When you're cooking, remember to incoporate Filipino products into your ingredients! Check out M. Y. San Biscuits, La Tondeña Products, and Other Products. About Us